WildWidows provides diverse resources related to the spiders of the genus Latrodectus. The documentation and material gathered in this website are based on selected scientific papers (see references at the bottom of each sections) and on our own observations.

WildWidows aims at following a naturalist approach, and therefore a special emphasis is placed on the origin of our animals.

In addition, due to the interest of Latrodectus enthusiasts for widows venom, WildWidows is also reporting relevant information on that particular topic.

Any contribution that could help improving this website is welcome, be it under the form of feedbacks from personal observation or pictures of widows and/or of their natural habitat.

For any questions regarding the animals currently available or any contributions to WildWidows website, please contact us via the dedicated space below, or directly at the following address:




Information about attendance to events and trade fairs is regularly updated in the "Abzugeben/Zutauschen/Suche" section.


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